Temtem: How To Unlock Fast Travel

September 12, 2022
Make traveling Temtem’s map extra easier by following this guide!

Traversing the expansive world of the monster-collecting game Temtem can take time. What’s more, sometimes you have to go back from one place to another to complete certain quests or find specific Temtems. Not everyone has the time for that.

Thankfully, much like any other game with a huge open map, Temtem has a fast travel option for players to utilize with leisure. Learn how to unlock the game’s Fast Travel feature by following this guide.

How To Unlock Fast Travel in Temtem

Unlocking Fast Travel in Temtem

To unlock Fast Travel, players must first complete the side quest ‘Refrigerated Vanishings.’ To start, you need to speak to Mayu in Miyako Village.

She lives in a house located at the bottom left of the village.

After triggering the questline, leave and go to Neoedo.

Once in Neoedo, go to the Apartment Building in the middle of the map. Proceed to the elevator and go to the First Floor. Speak to the ‘Confused Dude.’ He will tell you that the fridge recently appeared in front of him.

After your conversation with him, head to Izakaya. Its also in Neoedo. It is the building to the left next to the apartment where you were just awhile ago.

There, speak to Satoko and answer her questions. To get the teleporter device, you’d have to answer all her questions correctly. Thankfully, you can just retry if you get something wrong.

In any case, here are the answers for her questions:

  • Q. What is the highest mountain on Omninesia?
  • Anak Volcano.
  • Q. What is the biggest body of drinkable water in Tucma?
  • The Cenote. Followed by The Kakama Cenote.
  • Q. What’s the route from Upinzani to Vumbi?
  • Upinzani, Kwea Uplands, Jinogap, Vumbi.
  • Q. And from Arissola to Brical de mar?
  • Thalassian Cliffs.
  • Q. How many towns in Deniz?
  • Four.
  • Q. Where can you find substantial deposits of volcanic crystal?
  • The Mines of Mictlan. Followed by Aguamarina Caves. Followed by and Anak.

After answering all of her questions correctly, she should give you the Matter-Transfer Drone. This is the item that allows you to teleport all over the map.

That’s that! The quest should be done and you should now be able to zoom around the map of Temtem via Fast Travel.

This item is a must for completionist as it significantly cuts down travel time.