Temtem: Breeding Guide

September 8, 2022
Let the breeding commence!

In the world of Temtem, players wander around in search of more powerful and interesting Temtem to collect and do battle with. Although the main form of catching such creatures is through hunting them in the wild, the game also offers a more calculated and less volatile way to get them. Much like other monster collecting games, Temtem also has a breeding mechanic to which players can sink hours of playing time into.

Here is an in-depth guide to the breeding mechanics of Temtem.

Breeding Guide in Temtem

How Breeding Works

In order to start breeding Temtems in the game, players would first need to put two Temtems together in the breeding center. Soon enough, these two Temtems would produce an egg that will inherit their stats at random.

There are also certain items in the game that you may use in the breeding center to make outcomes more likely.

Although you can put any two Temtem in the breeding center, you have to put ‘compatible’ Temtems for them to successfully breed. To be considered compatible, your Temtems would need to tick these specific conditions:

  • Both Temtems should be fertile – to know if your Temtem is fertile, take notice of the flower on your Tempedia. Every time a Temtem is involved in breeding, its corresponding flower would lose one petal. Once all petals are gone, it means that the Temtem is now infertile and can no longer breed.
  • The breeding Temtems should be different genders – if you leave two Temtems with the same gender in the breeding center, they wouldn’t produce an egg no matter how long you wait.
  • The breeding Temtems should share a type – as long as your chosen Temtems share one type, they are considered compatible.

After successfully putting two compatible Temtems in the breeding center, go away for about 25 minutes and come back. They should now have made an egg.

Remember, the breeding center can only store one egg at a time, so do not expect to receive multiple eggs just because you waited for more than an hour.

How to Hatch a Temtem Egg

After collecting the egg at the breeding center, place it in an empty spot in your squad. Take note that Temtem eggs wouldn’t hatch if you store them in a TemDeck machine.

Once you have the egg in your squad, wait for about 45 real-time minutes and it should hatch.

The time of hatching depends significantly on the Temtem inside.

The more difficult they are to catch in the wild, the longer their hatching time would be.

What Kind of Temtem Hatches From an Egg

Temtems hatched from eggs inherit a lot from their parents.

  • They would hatch in their mother’s earliest evolution
  • They would have the lower fertility value of their parents
  • They have 40% chance to gain the highest SV value, 40% of the average, and 20% for the lowest for each stat
  • They wouldn’t inherit the traits of their parents, only one or the other, but breeding items can force a specific trait on them
  • They have a chance of becoming a Luma if one or both of its parents are Luma

Typically, if you want a strong Temtem from your egg, you’d best choose strong Temtems to breed.

Breeding Items

The merchant next to the Temtem breeder has an array of breeding items players can take advantage of. These items can force inheritance to your new egg.

There are also DNA strand items that when held by a breeding Temtem. It would ensure that the egg it produces would inherit a specific SV of its parent or SVs.