Temtem: Arbury Teleport Location

September 13, 2022
Check out this guide to find out all the fast travel points in Arbury!

Temtem is a multiplayer online role-playing game where players can embark on an adventure in the Airborne Archipelago with their squad. You can catch every Temtem, battle against other players, customize your house and hangouts with your friends to explore the open world.

As you explore Arbury Island, you will need to find all the teleportation points so you can fast travel there at any point in time.

This guide will tell you how to find all the teleportation points in the game.

Arbury Teleport Location in Temtem

There are a total of 5 Teleportation points located on Arbury Island.

First, you need to progress your story far enough so you can get access to the town of Lochburg.

Head into the centre of the town and you will unlock the first teleportation point.

Next, you need to visit the city of Properton where you need to head south until you reach the Airship Terminal.

Here you will find the 2nd teleportation spot and this one is free to use.

To find the 3rd teleportation spot, you will need to progress through the story until you reach the wreckage of Delbos and you will find the spot right in front of it.

For the 4th spot, you will need to visit the Braeside Castle where you will find the fast travel spot within the main room close to a bunch of other tamers.

Last but not least is the final teleportation spot located within the Melee Shrine and you can interact with it to get access to all the fast travel locations in Arbury.

That’s it, you have successfully found all the teleportation points in Arbury!