Tactics Ogre – Reborn: How Does Auctioning Work

November 14, 2022
Time to learn how the auction system works in Tactics Ogre – Reborn.

In Tactics Ogre – Reborn you have an auctioning system where you can list various items in return to get in-game currency which can help you purchase various goods to help you progress further into the game or just to buff up some of your characters. In this game, the auctioning system has added a few extra tweaks to spice things up.

This guide will show you all you need to know about auctioning in Tactics Ogre – Reborn.

How Does Auctioning Work

Auctioning in this game is simple, go to the auction house, list the item you want to sell and wait for some time until someone purchases it.

On a regular basis, the auction house grants you money in return for the item, but auctioning will also place a stat boosting consumable in the shop for you to purchase.

The number of units you auction is the number of stat boost items you can get.

At the beginning, these stat boost items won’t get you that far due to the fact that they only give you +1 extra status point. For end game scenarios, these items have proven to be quite good.

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During the end-game phase of Tactics Ogre – Reborn, you get to fight against opponents whose numbers in stats aren’t really that larger or smaller than yours.

This is where the status boost potions come in handy. Getting a few extra numbers just above the opponent’s will allow you to destroy them in any sort of fighting.

Keep in mind that whenever you auction things in the auction house in Tactics Ogre – Reborn, you lose those items. Look at each item and see if it’s worth auctioning, you don’t want to throw away a valuable item.

And there you have it. Now you know how simple the auctioning system is in Tactics Ogre – Reborn and you know that extra tweak that they give you per unit.