Super People: How To Fix FPS Drop

September 13, 2022
Adjust these settings to enjoy a smooth gameplay experience!

Super People is a free-to-play battle royale next-gen battle royale game where players take the role of a super soldier with each one of them having unique skills and powers. With the game still in the final beta phase, many players are reporting FPS drops and stutters which is hampering their gameplay experience.

This guide will tell you how to fix FPS drops in Super People.

How to Fix FPS Drop in Super People

1. Change the Graphics Settings in the game

Never forget to check the FPS Rate Limit.

The first thing that you need to do is launch the game and go to the settings where you can tweak the graphics.

Change the Display Mode to Full Screen and set the Maximum Frame Rate Limit to 60 FPS.

Next, you need to disable Vertical Sync and Smooth Frame Rate. If you have an NVIDIA GPU then set NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency to Enable Both options.

Now we need to make some changes in the Advanced Settings of the game.

Change your FPP FOV to 80 or 90 as it has a great impact on the performance of the game. You also need to change the Overall Graphics Quality to Low or Very Low.

Similarly, you can set the textures to Medium or High if you have a decent GPU. Keep Shadows and View Distance to Very Low and Medium respectively.

You can set the Effects and Shader to the Very Low option while keeping the Foliage at Low.

The Anti Aliasing can be kept at Medium while Post Processing should be set to Very Low.

The Depth of Field should be disabled and the Sharpness should be set to 2.0.

For AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS, you can set it according to your preferences depending on which GPU you have and the resolution that you are playing the game at. Apply the settings when done.

2. Update your graphic drivers

It is important to keep your graphic drivers up to date as they often contain bug fixes as well as support for upcoming games like Super People. You can visit the website of the GPU manufacturer to get the latest updates for graphic drivers depending on whether you have an Nvidia, Intel or AMD GPU.

3. Update Super People

If you are running an older version of the game then it’s highly recommended that you update it to the latest version as it can improve the overall performance and fix issues like FPS drops and stutters.

To update the game, open Steam and go to your game library. Here you need to right-click on Super People and then click on Properties. Go to the Updates tab and then check the Always keep this game updated options

4. Close Background Applications

When playing the game, there are many applications working in the background such as Discord, Windows Defender, Skype etc that can consume your resource and hamper your performance in the game.

To fix this open your Task Manager and check whether there are any processes and applications running in the background.

5. Change Settings in NVIDIA Control Panel

If you have an Nvidia graphics card installed in your computer then you can open the Nvidia Control Panel to further optimize the settings for the game.

Open the Nvidia Control Panel and go to the Manage 3D Settings option.

Click on the Program Settings tab and press the Add button to add Super People to the list.

Select Super People and click on the Add Selected Program button.

Now scroll down and change the Power Management Mode to Prefer Maximum Performance and then click on Apply.

That’s it, we hope this will fix any FPS drop issues and stutters that you are facing with the game!