Super People: Best Settings | Max FPS

August 23, 2022
Tweak your graphics settings for the best balance between visuals and performance!

Super People is a free-to-play battle royale next-gen battle royale game where players take the role of a super soldier with each one of them having unique skills and powers. While the game is currently in the final beta stage, it’s important to find the best graphics settings to get a good FPS while maintaining decent visual quality.

This guide will tell you about the best settings for max FPS in the game.

Best Settings | Max FPS for Super People

You can change the graphics settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the main menu. Click on the Settings option and you will be taken to the Graphics tab.

Display Settings

Make sure to set the best settings to increase MAX FPS

Resolution: Set it to the native resolution of your monitor. If you are facing performance issues then you can try reducing your render resolution to get an FPS boost

Display mode: Full Screen (for best performance and reduced latency)

Maximum Frame Rate Limit: Set it to Unlimited or reduce it if you are facing FPS drops in the game

Limit Lobby Rate: This determines the FPS that you get when you are in the lobby of the game. It’s best to set it to 60 because it will allow you to alt+tab and use other programs when the game is running in the background

Vertical Sync: OFF

Smooth Frame Rate: Disable

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: Enable both. If you have an Nvidia GPU then this will reduce the input lag by lowering the latency.

Advanced Settings

Do note that you need to install the game on an SSD if you want to crank up your settings to Ultra otherwise the game won’t allow you and simply show an error like the one above.

FPP Mode FOV: 110 (to see more enemies around you)

Rendering Size: 100 ( to enjoy the game at native resolution)

Overall Graphics Quality: Custom

Textures: High

This setting is VRAM dependent and you can set it according to the amount of VRAM available in your graphic card. If you have a GPU with 6 or 8+ GB of VRAM then you can easily set the Textures to High or Ultra.

Shadows: Very Low. Since this is a competitive game, having Shadows can make it harder to find enemies in dimly light areas as well as reduce your FPS greatly.

View Distance: Very Low. The game clearly states that it doesn’t affect the distance at which players are visible so you can lower it all the way to enjoy more FPS.

Foliage: Very Low. Having this setting at low can reduce the amount of foliage during gameplay allowing you to spot players more easily.

Effects: Very Low. This can have a high impact on your GPU if multiple enemies start using explosives and smoke grenades at once.

Shader: Very Low. You can turn this up if you experience flickering or too many changes in the shadows of the game.

Anti Aliasing: Very Low. If you hate jagged edges then you can crank up this setting otherwise it’s better to reduce it as it greatly affects the performance of the game.

Post Processing: Very Low. These added effects don’t add anything to the gameplay experience but can reduce your FPS

Depth of Field: Disable

Sharpen: 2.0

Resolution Scaling

AMD Fidelity FX SR (FSR): Ultra Quality (if you have AMD GPU)

NVIDIA DLSS: Ultra Quality  (if you have NVIDIA RTX 20 or 30 series GPU)

Upscaling techniques like FSR and DLSS can provide you with a great performance boost with no loss to the image quality. It’s always recommended to enable these upscaling options if a game has them.

You can set it to Ultra Quality for the best visuals or go with Balanced or Performance settings if you are facing FPS drops.FSR is available for both NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards while DLSS is exclusive to RTX 20 or 30-series GPUs.

That’s it, now go ahead and change your settings to get the best FPS and visuals in Super People!