Stray: Notebooks For Momo Locations

September 13, 2022
Time to find all the missing notebooks to help Momo fix the Transceiver!

Stray is an adventure game that follows the story of a cat who gets separated from her friends and finds himself in an unknown world full of cyberpunk-style robots. This guide will tell you the location of the Notebooks for Momo.

Stray: Notebooks For Momo Locations

While exploring the Slums in Chapter 4, you will come across a group called Outsiders who believe there is a world waiting for them outside the slums. Momo is one of the members of the group and he feels lonely as all of his friends are gone in search of an outside world.

In order to cheer Momo up and proceed to the next chapter, you will need to find the 4 notebooks belonging to Momo, Zbaltazar, Clementine and Doc.

1st Notebook location

The first notebook can be acquired by visiting Momo and showing him the postcard. You will first need to talk to the Guardian who will tell you about Momo living in the building with the orange-coloured neon sign.

You can climb the items to reach the rooftop and enter the building via the window to trigger a cutscene and talk to Momo. Show him the postcard and you will get the first notebook in return.

2nd Notebook location

To find the second notebook, head outside the window of Momo’s house and you will need to climb the roof of this building.

Make your way across and climb the roof of that building to enter inside through the gaps in the exhaust fan.

Once you enter inside, you will notice a large pile of boxes stacked on your left with some photos hanging on the wall behind it.

Use your cat paws to bring this stack of boxes down and you will be able to collect Zbaltazar’s notebook.

3rd Notebook Location’

The third notebook can be found by heading into this window with blue-coloured walls and light shining from inside.

After you enter the apartment, proceed through this gap in the broken glass door and then turn left into the computer room.

You will find the third notebook belonging to Clementine placed on the computer desk next to the monitor.

4th Notebook location

Finally, the last notebook can be found by heading into this apartment door with two orange lanterns and the blue sign outside.

Enter the apartment and head past the bookshelves and pile of books to find this piece of paper lying in the corner.

Interacting with it will give you access to the keys which can be used to open the safe.

Climb these stacks of books to make them fall to the ground and reveal the safe hidden behind them.

Use the keys that you just obtained to open the safe and collect the notebook lying inside.

Return back to Momo’s house and show all the notebooks to him.

That’s it, this will complete the quest and Momo will fix the Transceiver.