Stray: Music Sheet Locations | Meowlody Trophy Guide

February 9, 2023
Have a hard time finding the Music Sheet Locations to unlock the Meowlody Trophy?

Stray, the futuristic cat is here and it comes with plenty of trophies that can be achieved in the game. One of them is the Meowlody Trophy Guide which requires collecting all the Music Sheets that are hidden around the town.

In this guide, we will show you All Music Sheet Locations to unlock Meowlody Trophy in Stray!

Stray: Music Sheet Locations | Meowlody Trophy Guide

Music Sheet – 1

This music sheet is located in Momo’s Apartment. You need to climb up on the air conditioners and leap to the balcony from the landing near the bar. From here you can enter through the window.

Once you get inside, follow the grills of a small window beside a garbage bag on your left, and you will see a few boxes stacked on the right side of the room where you need to jump atop the cardboard and there you will find your Music Sheet on the right side of the shelf.

Music Sheet – 2

This music sheet is located at Clementine’s Balcony Table.

To get there you need to walk on the massive pipe running along the balcony. Once you cross the room to the balcony, there is a small table where the music sheet is. Jump on top of the table and collect your music sheet.

Music Sheet – 3

This music sheet is actually a scratch on Eliot’s Door.

Once you get down to the door, you will notice a big door with several things written on it and there will pop up an interactive point where you have to scratch on it.

Go near the door and scratch on the specific area, then Eliot will open the door and you just have to slip past him easily. Reach the painting straight ahead of the door, and on the bottom left corner of the picture, you will find your music sheet.

Music Sheet – 4

For this music sheet, you will need to trade an energy drink.

To do this, you need to go to the closest vending machine and get one Energy drink. After that stop at the trade shop near the ruined area and inspect the music sheet.

Talk to the shopkeeper who is selling the music sheet and he will ask you to trade him only one energy drink for the music sheet.

Music Sheet – 5

This music sheet is located on a Booth table in Bar.

To find the bar, you will need to look for a wall with big sized black, pink, and red graffiti on it. Go inside up the stairs and you will find several booths lined on the wall. At the booth table behind the billiard table, you will find the music sheet. Climb on it and collect your item.

Music Sheet – 6

This music sheet is located on Clementine’s Shelf.

You might think it’s the same as the previous one at Clementine’s place, but for this one, you need a different path to be able to get inside.

Find a window with a red lantern outside it where you will need to climb up. Get inside and make your way directly to the bedroom. At the right corner, by the door where you entered, there will be a tall shelf.

The shelf will be full of books stacked on it and just come closer to it where you will find your sixth music sheet sitting above the books.

Music Sheet – 7

This music sheet is located on the Piano which can be found in the library.

You need to turn left passing through the tunnel enclosed by bookcases where you will see a piano flanked by book stacks. Climb up on the piano and you will see the music sheet standing on front of it.

Music Sheet – 8

This music sheet is located in a Safe that you need to open.

Make your way straight until you discover an alley to the left of the stairs leading to Morusque, the street musician. You can find the safe among the wreckage at the musician place.

To unlock the safe just interact with it and then it will ask you for a code. The code to open the safe is “1283”, but before this, you will have to get the code from another place.

For the code, you will need to go to Eliot’s, and there drop the painting just above Dufer Bar sign in the Slums bar to get the code for the safe. The code will be written on the wall.

Once you open the safe, there will be your last music sheet.

Once you collect all the music sheets, you have to pass over each of the music sheets to the mentioned street musician known as Morusque. Give him all the music sheets one by one and once you are done, you will get the music badge and the Meowlody Trophy/Achievement will unlock immediately.