Stray: How To Open The 1st Safe | Code Location

July 20, 2022
It’s time to open this locked safe and collect the treasure inside!

Stray is an adventure game that follows the story of a cat who gets separated from her friends and finds himself in an unknown world full of cyberpunk-style robots. This guide will tell you how to open the 1st safe in the game

Stray: How To Open The 1st Safe | Code Location

While exploring the Slums in chapter 4 you will come across a locked safe by heading past Morusque in an alleyway left of the closed shutter that blocks the entrance to the sewer.There will be a note attached to the safe containing its mysterious password.

Pick up this note and head over to Elliot, the guy who repaired your tracker. Scratch your cat paws to unlock the door and then climb the stairs to meet Elliot.

After interacting with him, access the note from your inventory and show it to him.

The note contains the words “Dufer Bar” which means you need to visit the bar to find the solution to the code.

Climb onto the bar table and use your cat paws to move the picture on top of the sign that says Duffer Bar.

This will reveal the code to safe which is: 1283 and make sure to memorize it so you can enter it.

Head back to the closed alleyway where the safe is located and press the button to enter the Digicode.

Enter the code 1283 and the safe will be unlocked and you will be rewarded with the eighth music sheet that you need to give to Morusque.

That’s it, now go ahead and enter this code to unlock the safe!