Steelrising: Ultimate Grenades Guide

September 11, 2022
Check out the Ultimate Grenades Guide in Steelrising!

Steelrising is a new action RPG developed by Spiders that features many interesting soulslike mechanics, with a great range of weapons, numerous power-ups, and challenging enemies that might look overwhelming for some players. Most of the players might focus on their attributes and gears and completely forget about the grenades.

Grenades can be pretty useful in battles and boss fights if you know how to use them and what is their real effect of them. There are a few types of grenades that we are going to talk about and each of them has its own specifications, that dictate how to use them in any occasion while searching and battling around the map.

Keep reading our guide and learn about the Grenades in Steelrising!

Ultimate Grenades Guide in Steelrising

With the ability to upgrade your attributes in Steelrising, often time grenades are ignored due to players relying too much on their skills and upgraded weapons.

Despite having a great character and weapon builds there are times that you’d be in a bind, and the most effective way we’ve experienced is using grenades in this game.

There are a limited number of grenades that you can purchase through activating a Vestel.

You might be saving up your anima essence, but it’s okay because these can be looted on areas or can be acquired as drops from the enemies.

You can find different types of grenades that you can find in Steelrising:

Flame Grenade

This grenade is intended for demolishing enemy–occupied buildings, and was designed for the Mechanical Engineering Corps. It has proven its effectiveness as a single target anti-personnel weapon, which is used by several Automat infantry units.

The flame grenade inflicts a burning effect that causes fire damage per second.

Frost Grenade

This grenade is the fruit of the alchemical tradition and chemist William Cullen’s work on artificial ice creation. When it’s used against a human being, it causes general, irreversible, and almost instantaneous necrosis.

When turned against a machine, it causes lasting damage to the machine’s metal structure. The frost grenade will instantly freeze the opponent’s movements for a while, and you can do combos, and light and heavy attacks.

Fulmination Grenade

A clever combination of alchemical principles and Benjamin Franklin’s work, this grenade harnesses the power of lightning for murderous ends.

It deals electricity damage to the opponents. While the damage this causes to the human body is well documented, is also has extremely deleterious effects on the inner workings of machines.

Explosive Grenade

This cast-iron grenade loaded with shrapnel and gunpowder inflicts significant Physical Damage on a single target.

It is used by the mechanical guards of the Royal Infantry occupied by the grenadiers. This grenade knocks back the opponents and deals explosive damage.

Petrification Grenade

Unlike other weapons in its class, this grenade is not intended to damage but rather to immobilize enemies.

It produces a light so bright and a blast for defeating its target. Being a human or machine remains momentarily fixed to the spot, unable to move.

Knowing more about the grenades and the abilities that they have, for sure will make you use them more often in the game during battles and defeat the bosses much easier.