Steelrising: Ultimate Attributes Guide

September 9, 2022
Build your character the right way by understanding the game’s attributes system!

Just like any souls-like action games, Steelrising also employs a complex attributes and upgrades system to which players can sink hours and hours of their playing time just to master. After all, building your character to fit your playstyle the most is also part of the fun!

In this article, we will be tackling Steelrising’s attributes system in the hopes of making it more approachable for you.

Ultimate Attributes Guidein in Steelrising

Steelrising Attributes

Each level of an attribute requires a corresponding amount of Anima Essence. This is Steelrising’s answer to other conventional RPGs’ experience – you gain Anima Essence by taking on the enemies in the game as well as using certain items.

Take note that for each upgrade, the amount of Anima Essence to increase a particular attribute would increase accordingly.

In Steelrising, there are six core attributes you can upgrade. Depending on your playstyle, you’d have to plan accordingly which attribute you would increase.

Haphazardly increasing your character’s attributes could result to a lackluster character build.

Here are the six core attributes in Steelrising and what they correspond:

  • Power – increases your physical and impact attacks
  • Agility – increases physical and special move damage; can also inflict immobilization
  • Elemental Alchemy – increases flame, frost, fulmination, and electric resistance
  • Durability – increases health and balance
  • Vigor – increases endurance and critical hit multiplier
  • Engineering – increases armor, chance of loot, and affliction multiplier

While it is highly recommended that you stick to increasing certain attributes that fits your character’s class and your playstyle, it is a good idea to upgrade Vigor and Durability in the early game.

This makes it so that you can survive longer, making the early grind more manageable.