Steelrising: All Oil Burette Upgrade Locations

September 15, 2022
Make encounters more manageable by fully upgrading your Oil Burette in Steelrising!

The Oil Burette is certainly one of the most crucial tools in Aegis’, and by extension, the player’s arsenal in Steelrising. After all, it is the primary form of replenishing your character’s health in the game – making it all the more important for players to find viable upgrades for it. Remember that the game gets tougher the more time you spend on it, so you better come prepared.

In this guide, we will be showing you where you can find all Oil Burette upgrades in the game.

All Oil Burette Upgrade Locations in Steelrising

Before indicating the precise locations of the upgrades for your Oil Burette, we better discuss first what upgrade parts you need precisely.

Increasing the potency of Aegis’ Oil Burette requires finding Lovisier Catalysts and Sublimators, which are scattered all over the brooding world of Steelrising.

Lavoisier Catalysts increase the number of times players can use the Oil Burette, while the Lavoisier Sublimators increase its healing capacity.

Once in possession of the upgrade parts, players can simply return to any Vestal checkpoint or Horseless Carriage to upgrade the Oil Burette.

This is where you’d find them:

Lavoisier Catalyst Locations

  • Saint-Cloud

The first Lavoisier Catalyst can be found in Saint-Cloud immediately after players get the compass and reach the Vestal.

From the checkpoint, explore just a bit and soon you should find a well that has a chest behind it. Open it and you should receive your first upgrade part.

  • Tuileries

The next Catalyst is in Tuileries. After getting access to the area’s Vestal checkpoint, you should notice a path through the nearby row of buildings.

Proceed through the large street, and at its end, you should see a set of stairs on the left. Defeat the Frost Musketeers and other enemies there. Next to several wooden barrels should be a chest.

  • Luxembourg (Place de la Comedie)

After arriving at Place de la Comedie in Luxembourg, head directly down the street on the right. There should be a couple of grappling points nearby for you to zoom about.

Once you gain access into the building by grappling for the second time, exit via its balcony and dash to the next building. This building should have the chest with your third Catalyst on its balcony.

  • The Bastille

From the actual Bastille building, head up to the top of the walls that go around the roof. Make your way to the hanging platform on the left and jump back to the wall.

There, you should see a chest next to a cannon. It should contain the last Lavoisier Catalyst.

Lavoisier Sublimators

  • Les Invalides

Immediately after stepping foot in the Factory Port area, look to your left.

The chest housing the first Lavoisier Sublimator should be in plain sight there, just by a broken fence.

  • La Cite

The next Lavoisier Sublimator is also straightforward to get. In La Cite, head to the checkpoint in the Point Neuf area. Walk down the slope part of the nearby broken bridge.

You should find the treasure chest in an opening to its right.

  • Montmartre (High Vein)

Inside the High Vein quarry, there should be a big open area where in the middle are enemies. After dealing with them, make your way to the nearby gate and kick it open.

Then, kick open another gate to find yourself at a fork. Don’t go down the hill just yet. Instead, take the road that goes upwards until you see some wooden scaffolding. Under it is the chest with the third Sublimator.

  • Versaille (Allee Royale)

The fourth and final Lavoisier Sublimator can be found after reaching the Allee Royale Vestal checkpoint. Continue down the main path and soon you should see a small amphitheater.

The chest you are looking for should be at the top seating area, just straight ahead of where you came in. It is just behind some golden statues and water spouts.

After getting access to all the upgrade parts, simply upgrade your Oil Burette. You should now have a fully upgraded one, making enemy encounters much easier.