Steelrising: All 31 Weapon Locations

Steel Rising is an action RPG set in a fictional version of French Revolution where King Louis the XVI is using an army of robots to rain tyranny against the people of Paris. In this game you control Aegis, a female robot appointed by Queen Marie-Antoinette to put an end to King Louis the XVI’s plans. Aegis can equip a wide variety of weapons which makes gameplay very fresh and fun.

Here’s a guide to all of the weapon locations in Steelrising!

All 31 Weapon Locations – Steelrising

Weapons can be found in different parts of the game, here is a table with their locations:

Armoured FansCan be purchased for 1500 anima at the start of the game in the Boutique store.    
Body Of Work
Galls-Core Batons
Griveauval Halberd
Charleville 1789 Shield MusketFrom the 2nd Vestal found in the Saint-Cloud Area
Nemesis ClawsIn the Saint-Cloud area, go to the latentern before the Golden Gate. Instead of turning left to the gate, turn right to a construction site with a chest.
Falchion And SabreIn a chest in the abandoned house in Saint-Cloud, downhill from the Third Vestal.
Romas PartisanIn front of a lit building found after the cemetery and construction sit in Ile Monsieur
Frosted FansCan be purchased for 1500 anima in the Boutique store after unlocking Les Invalides
Bulwark Chain
Fire ChainNear the abandoned marketplace in Les Invalides
Wheel of VengeanceIn the basement of a tower after a platforming section from the Factories in Les Invalides
Fire and IceInside Eugene De Vaucanson’s Townhouse during the Origins Quest
Franklin ClawsCan be purchased for 1500 anima in the Boutique store after unlocking Tuileries
La Pérouse Wheel
Leda HalberdIn a garden area, upstairs from the 2nd Vestal in Tuileries
Nemesis FansIn a building through the barricade entrance near the Golden Gate in Tuileries
Porevit ChainFound after a grapple section in the 3rd floor of the Palais des Tuileries
Lady Macbeth FansFound in the Reserve room in the Louvre Apartments during the Lanterns of The Dead Quest
Thousand-Cut ClawsFound in Saint-Eustache Workshop during Nicolas Flamel’s Final Journey Quest
Hephaestus BatonsIn a room with an open window at Place Dauphine
Volley MalletAfter a grapple section inside Palais de Justice
1789 Royal MusketAfter a grapple section in Hotel de Massiac during the Sleepless Quest
Discobulos WheelInside the Secret Headquarters during the Glory and Dishonour quest
Foil and DaggerIn the Ruins of the Saint-Germain Fair, travers the rooftops and look for a wall with a green marker
Saint Elmo BatonsCan be purchased for 1500 anima in the Boutique store after unlocking Montmatre
Charleville BayonetIn a chest behind the 5th Vestal in Montmarte
Shield ClawsAt the center town of burning Marais, look for a hidden alleyway. It will be in a chest at the end
Boreas WheelIn a small room near the Jailer’s Quarters in the Bastille
Requiem MalletInside the Powder Magazine during the Gunpowder Trail quest
Larrys and FranciscaIn Petit Trianon after passing through Bosquest d’Apollon and Dauphin’s Labyrinth

And those are all the weapons and their locations in Steelrising!

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