Steam Deck: How To Get the Controller To Work For Non-Steam Games

March 15, 2022
Time to get a Non-Steam Controller for the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is a Steam official console. It is a controller-shaped console that allows the consumer to play video games from Steam.

An amazing thing for this Steam Deck is that there are third-party applications that are available for the consumer. And normally if you want to play a non-steam game, the controller will not work.

How To Get the Controller To Work for All Non-Steam Games – Steam Deck

When installing the Windows OS on the Steam Deck, you will notice a few bugs regarding the controller. Steam has intended the controller for Steam-only games.

To fix this problem, a third-party application has been developed to mimic the mechanics for certain applications and Non-Steam games through the Steam Deck controller.

Starting off, you want to open your Steam and go into the “Settings” bar, from there select the In-Game menu, and have the first 3 boxes checked.

GloSC is an application that you can download through Windows OS from your Steam Deck and add a controller.

The simple way to add a controller to your application is to just create a brand new one that will act as a .exe.

Once a controller has been created, just click “Add to Steam”. From there you will have the name of the controller that you want to turn on in your Game Library.

The image listed above is an example of how a controller should look when attached to Steam correctly.

Once all the steps are done, simply turn on a different Non-Steam game without having any problems and being free to control the mechanics.