Stationeers: How To Get Started On Mars

July 10, 2022
If you want to Start a Base on Mars, keep reading our article to let you know everything about this planet in Stationeers!

Ever wanted to be a cosmonaut and go into the galaxy, or another planet just to explore how is it there, and even create your own space station. In Stationeers you can get even more than that and try to expand your space station on one of the planets where no one is living yet. If you chose Mars as your destination for your next base, you might need to know the basics before you start building.

In this guide, we will show you How To Get Started On Mars!

Stationeers: How To Get Started On Mars

Before you land on Mars, you have to know that the temperatures go from -70 to +20, which will give you good solar energy and it has a very low atmosphere. It is CO2 based which means it can be a fund and a bit of a challenge to sustain on this planet.

Once you land, make sure to pick up the stuff that you need from the jet pack, basically iron frames, iron sheets, iron walls, auto lathe, arc furnace, power couplers, and more which are the stuff that you will need the most to get started.

The first thing is to build the base. You could use the platform of 3×3 or 5×3 depending on your own preferences.

When it comes to priorities in getting started on mars, the first thing should be the base, then energy, then the panic room to avoid storms, and then the hydroponics and everything else.

Once your platform is done, you could directly work on the panic room/hydroponics. Create the frames and after that weld them.

You can also create windows because the pressures are not all that great when it comes to Mars, the atmospheric pressure is very low and this room is going to be pressurized up to 50kpa. It will also give you a nice sunlit area for the hydroponics.

The next thing is to sort the power production or basically solar panel because it is not going to be more advanced than that.

Before the sun goes down, on the first day you need to gather some iron ore and possibly even copper, and maybe a little bit of coal.

If you could get gold, that would be just marvelous because then you could go and build an electronics printer, but gold is usually a little bit scarcer resource and it’s not that easy to find.

The next what you want to do in your base is setting up the production line, arc furnace and Autolathe.

 For them to work you will need a power controller. Set it on the wall of the base and power it up with a battery. Also, make sure to connect the arc furnace and the Autolathe with cable coil.

It is nothing complicated, just a simple setup that will provide enough power.

You can put a locker, where you can store some of the ores and other materials that you need in the base.

Once you have the iron it will help you to produce more iron sheets, and then you will need to do the copper because of the cable coil. If you have some coal, it can be used for smelting steel or the backup power generator that you are going to build.

Once you set up your whole product line, you can start processing some iron frames by using the recipe in the arc furnace and Autolathe.

This is all just a basic start for your base, where you can continue to expand and create even more production lines for the needed resources that you will need to survive on Mars.