Stationeers: Automated Hydroponics Guide

Published: 13 Jul 2022
Check out this guide to know about automated hydroponics in Stationeers!

Stationeers is a survival game where you need to construct and manage a space station to run it yourself. In this guide, we will tell you about the Automated Hydroponics in the game.

Stationeers: Automated Hydroponics Guide

Automated Hydroponics are useful for growing crops as they provide us with important details about our plants. It is different from the Hydroponics tray since it has a data port on it which feeds some useful information.

This Hydroponics device has slots on it which are hidden and don’t show up on our device reader but in the logic slots section, you will notice a value called mature which tells us whether our plant is mature or not.

We can find out these values by using a slot reader and connecting it to the plants to find out whether they have become mature or not. A value of 1 means the plant is mature whereas a value of 0 means immature and if you get -1 then it’s an empty tray.

As for the script, you will need to define a few basic values by declaring r1 as a mature variable and we will store the value for the hydroponic slot inside it. We have also defined the input slots for our plants while assigning hydroponics to variable d0 and Harvie to d3

Inside the main loop, the first thing we do is sleep for 4 seconds since plants take some time to grow. Next, we load the value from the hydroponics plant slot into the mature value and store it inside there.

If that value is zero, the loop goes back to the start since the plant is not mature and you will need to wait a bit longer. If it is equal to -1 then it means that there is no plant inside there and we have to go back to our plant routine.

In case the value is neither of the two above that means the plant is ready to harvest so we can just save the value to Harvie and set harvest to 1.

Let’s move to the plant routine section of the code, Harvie has a bug at the moment where you keep telling him to plant something when he doesn’t have anything at the input slot 2 plants then it will stop moving until you drill it out and reinsert it again.

Before we plant anything, we will need to check the imports and export slots on Harvie. The input slot which was 0 above has been assigned quantity value and we are loading it into register r0 which is a temporary value that we will throw away in the next line.

If the value of r is 0 then there is nothing to plant and the loop will start from the beginning while if there is something to plant then set the value to 1.

Once we are done with the script, export it and add some plants inside Harvie. He will then plant them and you will need to wait for them to grow before you can harvest them.

To modify the codes for some more Harvies, you will need the code as shown below:

That’s it, now go ahead and follow this process to automate the process of hydroponics!