Star Wars Jedi: Find The Gorge’s Secret | Guide – Tips

May 2, 2023
Check out this guide to find out the location of Gorge’s Secret!

As you discover different planets in the vast galaxy of Jedi Survivor, you will uncover various secrets on your journey. The Gorge’s Secret is one such rumour that can be found while exploring Planet Koboh for the first time.

This guide will tell you where to find Gorge’s Secret in Jedi Survivor.

Find the gorge’s secret | Guide – Tips

Once you complete the Forest Array, meet the Prospector found at the back of the Pyloon’s Saloon and he will tell you about an area with a mesmerizing view near a Gorge. This will add the rumour’s location to your mini-map found in the Dredger’s Gorge.

Head over to the Derelict Dam shown on the map above and you reach there through the Southerthe Reach or Derelict Dam meditation point.

Press RB or Ctrl button to focus on the creature and use the Fauna Confusion Force power. This will calm the creature allowing you to climb his vine-covered tusk and jump onto the landing point below.

Proceed further through the linear pathway and you will soon enter the Winding Ravine. Turn right to enter the cave and go through the wall climbing section to pass through the area. Instead of going straight turn left into the opening in the cave.

This will take you outside where you will need to pass through some more wall climbing and then jump into the air to grab the rope. Go past the large monster and then latch onto the bird to get to the other side.

Once you reach there, open the chest and you will find the Hunter Lightsaber inside. Grab the lightsaber and the rumour will be completed.

That’s it, you have successfully completed the Gorge’s Rumor in Jedi Survivor!

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