Stalcraft: Into The Den Location – Hog Boss

February 9, 2023
Want to get inside the Den in Stalcraft? Check out this guide to see where it’s located.

Stalcraft is a great first person shooter game that has a lot of bosses. Some of these bosses will require you to go through some hidden areas if you want to get to them. The Hog Boss is one of those bosses that will require you to get inside the Den which is hidden.

This guide will show you how you can get into the Den in Stalcraft.

Stalcraft: Into The Den Location – Hog Boss

Once you get to the dedicated mission where the Hog Boss needs to be found, you will get a purple circle on the map which will require you to search inside that given area and find the entrance into the den.

Get to the marked area on the image above where the yellow arrow is located and right here, you will find a small hole in the ground which will lead you to the Den.

Once inside, simply follow the path and you will encounter the beast.

We hope this guide helped you find where exactly the den is located in Stalcraft and also allowed you to reach The Hog boss easier.