Splatoon 3: Learn To Reflect, And This One Is In The Bank Walkthrough

September 13, 2022
Check out the Learn To Reflect, and This One Is In the Bank Mission Walkthrough in Splatoon 3!

Splatoon 3 is a third-person shooting game where players choose to be either an Inkling or Octoling as their player character. There is a new mission named “Learn to Reflect, and This One is in the Bank” in which you have to pass the map with a lot of obstacles and use your Angle Shooter to reach the goal. That’s why we prepared everything you need to know to finish this mission quickly and easily.

This article will show you the Learn To Reflect, And This One Is In the Bank Mission Walkthrough in Splatoon 3!

Learn To Reflect, And This One Is In The Bank Walkthrough in Splatoon 3

Once you enter the map you will need to use the Angle Shooter to reach the goal.

In the first stage, as you walk on the platform, you have to collect the coins using the angle shooter. Have to aim on the block and match the right angle that will hit the coins.

From there, you have to continue forward the platform where you will come to a wall where you need to hit the switch on it and open the passage for the next stage.

Also here, to reach the switch you need to use the angle shooter.

Once you hit the switch, the gate will open and you will come to the first checkpoint. Continue forward following the path, and destroy some of the boxes along the way to get the rewards.

At the end of this stage, you will come to a dead end where you have to open another passage to the next stage.

To open the gate, you will need to hit the three switches inside of a rotary wall. Have to shoot it at right time to avoid the rotary blocks around the switches. As you hit one switch, the blocks will start to rotate even faster.

Once you hit all three switches, the bridge will pull down in place where you can continue to the next stage.


In this stage, you will have to destroy a few enemies. You can use the angle shooter and pop the bomb which is behind the two enemies shooting at you.

Like this, you can easily destroy them and continue forward.

At the end of this stage, you will come to another locked gate that needs to be unlocked.

To unlock the gate, you will have to hit the two balloons behind the glass on the right side of the gate. To easily hit the balloons, use the angle shooter, and make an angle shoot through the small blocks around the wall.

Once you pop the two balloons, the gate will open up and you will continue to the next stage where you will come to the second checkpoint.

In this stage, few enemies will try to stop your way, and you can use your normal gun to shoot on them, but it is recommended to kill them with the angle shooter in order to get some extra coins.

As you defeat the enemies, you will come to the second part of this stage, where you need to solve to puzzle and open the locked gate.

There are three green balloons that you have to pop in order to open the gate, but they have a glass wall in front of them, and you need to find a way to pop them with your angle shooter.

The first balloon is totally closed behind the glass wall, and first you need to hit the target at the left side of the platform with the angle shooter.

This will open the platform above the first balloon and you can use the block above it to perform your angle shoot and pop the balloon.

The second balloon is pretty easy to pop.

You just need to use the green wall on the left side of balloon which will help you with the angle shoot to hit the balloon.

Once you pop the second balloon, three blocks will pop up and you need to go on the top of the blocks.

From here you can reach the third balloon, and use the back wall of it to hit with the angle shooter.

Hitting the three balloons will open the gate and you can continue to the last stage of the mission. Also, here will be the final checkpoint.

At this stage, you will come to a platform with several obstacles and blocking walls, where the green balloons are rotating behind them.

All you need to do is to wait for the balloon to come in front of the open spot of the wall, and in that time use your angle shooter and hit the balloon using the wall above.

After hitting all the balloons, the walls will fall off, and another platform will come down.

There will be a trophy on the platform that you need to shoot on it with your normal gun and assemble it.

Once it is assembled, you can collect it and in same time the mission will be completed.