Splatoon 3: How To Unlock All Badges

September 15, 2022
Shoot and splat your enemies in Splatoon 3!

Splatoon 3 is now out and is filled with all sorts of collectibles and fun challenges. An example of a collectible in the game are Badges. Badges are awarded to the player for progressing through the stories or completing certain conditions. There are about 280+ Badges in Splatoon 3. Some players will undoubtedly be aiming to collect all of them!

Here’s a guide on how to collect all of the badges in Splatoon 3!

How To Unlock All Badges in Splatoon 3

Badges can be earned through a variety of reaching certain ranks, winning matches, raising gear and even just finishing the campaign!

The list of badges and their prerequisites can be found below.

Battle Badges

Anarchy Battle Rank BadgeReach A/S/S+ Rank in Anarchy Battle
Anarchy Battle Game Mode BadgesWin 100/1000 matches in the respective Anarchy Battle Game Mode
Judd BadgeWin 50/250/1,200 Matches in Turf War
Tableturf Battle Rank BadgeReach Rank 30/40/50 in Tableturf Battles
Tableturf Battle Collection BadgeCollect 90/120/150 Unique Cards

Splatfest Badges

Splatfest Ruler BadgeBecome Splatfest Ruler
Tricolor Turf War Attacker BadgeWin 1/10 Tricolor Turf Wars as an Attacker
Tricolor Turf War Defender BadgeWin 1/10 Tricolor Turf Wars as a Defender

Salmon Run Badges

Cohozuna BadgeSplat Cohozuna 10/100/1,000 times
Grizzco BadgeEarn 10,000/100,000/9,999,999 Grizzco points
Hazard Level MAX BadgeComplete a shift in the Salmon Run game mode at Hazard Level MAX
Salmon Run Boss BadgesSplat Boss 100/1,000/10,000 times
Salmon Run Stage BadgesGet Eggsecutive VP 200/400/600/999 on the stage

Story Mode Badges

Callie and Marie BadgesReach Max Hero Level
Cap’n Cuttlefish BadgeBeat Story Mode
DJ Octavio BadgeBeat DJ Octavio
Mr. Grizz BadgeBeat Splatoon 3’s Secret Level

Gear Badges

Brand BadgesGet 30/100 Stars in Gear from a Brand
Catalog BadgeReach Catalog Level 50/100
Marigold BadgeBuy 10/100/1,000 Food and Drink
Murch BadgePlace 10/100 Orders with Murch
Shop BadgesSpend 100,000/1,000,000 Cash at the respective shop
Special Weapon BadgesWin 30/180/1,200 Matches with a Special Weapon
Weapon BadgesReach 4-Star/5-Star Freshness with a Weapon

Those are all of the badges in Splatoon 3. Time to go hunting!