Splatoon 3: How To Get Money, Cash, Coins Fast on Nintendo Switch

September 17, 2022
Get more Money, Cash, and Coins on Nintendo Switch to buy all you want in Splatoon 3!

In Splatoon 3 there are a lot of things that can be purchased from different places and stores. Especially, during some events, there are some cool time-limited items, and it would be very frustrating if you can’t buy them because don’t have enough money. Now, players can earn money, cash and coins pretty fast and always buy the best items and customizations in the game.

Keep reading our guide and find out How to Get Money, Cash, and Coins Fast on Nintendo Switch in Splatoon 3!

How To Get Money, Cash, Coins Fast on Nintendo Switch in Splatoon 3

In Splatoon 3, you can use cash which is the currency of the game in order to purchase plenty of headgear, clothing, shoes, and items to decorate your locker.

Cash can be used at Murch to improve your gear’s abilities, and at the Shell-Out Machine to obtain capsules. However, to collect all the items in the game you will a lot of money.

To get money faster, you will want to get Food Tickets, which are marked with a coin that have an upward arrow or multiple coins with an upward arrow.

These tickets will help you get money faster by multiplying your cash during turf and anarchy battles.

There are several ways to get these tickets.

Firstly, it is through the Story mode, also known as Hero Mode. As you go through the stages, you will get Food Tickets as part of your natural progression in the mode.

You will also find Food Tickets when you have enough Power Eggs, and throwing Smallfry to clear the Fuzzy Ooze along the way.

The next way is to play Salmon Run. It will allow you to earn money and reward capsules. These capsules can be exchanged for cash and items at the exchange desk.

Some of these capsules will contain different reward tickets, and you have to focus on the Food Tickets.

Another way is through the in-game catalog.

These catalogs will show you various items that you can get when you reach a specified catalog level.

Lastly, you can try your luck and get these Food Tickets from the Shell-Out Machine which is located in the lobby, on the left side next to the Crab-N-Go.

In this machine, you can win tickets, ability chunks, and items to customize your Splattag. But it does cost money.

The first play of the day will cost you 5.000 coins, and subsequent plays will cost you 30.000 coins after that. It is recommended to play once every day.

You can use these tickets at the Crab-N-Go shop and you can exchange them for food that contains any coin with an upward arrow.

Each one has a different effect, and you have to focus on what they do to buff you and your team.

There are three types of Food Tickets, increase battle cash by 50%, doubles battle cash, and doubles battle cash for all teammates.

 Each ticket will help you increase cash for 20 battles. In summary, getting a coin with an upward arrow ticket can help you get money faster enough through battles as they multiply your cash.