Splatoon 3: How To Beat The Octoling Battle Section Of After Alterna

September 13, 2022
Conquer the final part of Splatoon 3’s secret level!

After Alterna is Splatoon 3’s secret level. It’s a long and difficult level that demands the player’s best. Just like the secret level in other games, it may be the hardest level in the game. It challenges the player’s skill in platforming, shooting and combat. The very last section is a combat section with tons of Octolings.

Here’s a guide to beat all of the Octolings and clear the level!

How To Beat The Octoling Battle Section Of After Alterna in Splatoon 3

Be prepared for a long fight where you are constantly outnumbered.

A variety of enemies will spawn. Some enemies will have shields and others will use special weapons against you.

Spawning platforms

Octolings will occasionally spawn on platforms located at the corners.

You can keep an eye on those areas and kill enemies the moment they spawn.

Staying mobile

There will be lots of enemies so inking the area is a great way to keep being mobile. Don’t let yourself get cornered and overwhelmed. Keep moving and get rid of enemies one by one.

Remember that enemies will keep spawning in waves so there’s very little breathing time.

Use your Smallfry and grenades

You can distract enemies with your Smallfry and also damage them over time. You can also use your grenade to deal great damage to enemies.

Keep these tips in mind, stay on your toes and you’ll wipe the floor with those Octolings!

Once you’ve cleared them all, head on to the end of the level and enjoy your victory.

Completing After Alterna rewards you with a Mr. Grizz badge for your Splashtag and the Teddy Band bear ears.