Spiderman Remastered: How To Change Your Suite

August 13, 2022
With a great suit, comes great responsibility!

Spiderman Remastered has finally arrived for PC with improved graphics and unlocked frame rate support. While Spiderman has a really great personality and some slick moves to compliment them, it’s important to have a fancy suit so you can look badass while defeating your opponents.

This guide will tell you how to change your suit in the game!

Spiderman Remastered: How To Change Your Suite

After you start the game, you won’t be able to change your suit immediately and will be required to complete a few missions before you get the option to do so.

Once your suit gets torn up and you return back to Otto’s lab during the “Something Old, Something New mission”, a short cutscene will play out and you will need to interact with the computer.

You will receive an email from Doctor Octavius saying that he has repaired your suit and added some new features to it.

Follow the prompts to use your token and craft the new Advanced Suit.

A short cutscene will play out showcasing the new suit that you just received and then you can open the map menu to change your suits at any point of time.

Here you will find all the suits that you have unlocked in the game including the ones that you received as a preorder bonus.

That’s it, now go ahead and enjoy your shiny new suit while swinging through the streets of New York!