Spices From The West Guide: Genshin Impact

Published: 15 May 2022
Check out the Spices From The West in Genshin Impact!

After the initial delay, Genshin Impact comes with a new minigame where the players can create seasonings by using specific ingredients and at the same time could be able to invite their friends in Genshin Impact for a taste-test to gain in return a companion boost. The mysterious lady from Sumeru is going to ask for some research on seasonings to create a perfect dish. Spices from the West event in Genshin Impact starts on May 14 and will be active till early June.

In this guide, we will show you the Spices From The West in Genshin Impact!

Spices From The West Guide: Genshin Impact

During the event, Travelers can utilize recipes that they unlock to create seasonings before adding these seasonings to “Delicious” dishes to obtain “Fragrant” dishes. You can also invite characters in your Serenitea Pot to try the Fragrant dishes out to increase their Companionship EXP and also receive different reactions based on their tastes.

Before you activate the Spices from the West event, you have to start A Visitor From Westward Realms world quest. It will navigate you to the wharf at Liyue Hardbor.

Once the location is marked, use the teleport Waypoint on your world map to get to the Liyue Harbor.

After you reach the wharf at Liyue Harbor, a new NPC will be appointed that you have to talk with.

Nazafarin is the person that you have to talk with. After the short dialogue, she will ask for your help to gather ingredients according to the recipes and create said seasonings. Once you accept her request, she will give you a special pot to start with creating the seasonings.

Nazafarin will give you seasoning recipes that you can use to create Fragrant Seasonings. You can use these seasonings on Delicious Dishes in your crate, which you can then give to your companions in the Serenitea Pot.

Once you begin making the seasonings, the needle on the slider will move back and forth from edge to edge. You have to follow the instructions given on the recipe and click the button as the needle point to the corresponding ingredient to add them to the pot.

The number of Click attempts you can make will decrease by 1 each time the needle reaches both ends, or when you make a mistake in adding an ingredient. Add the correct number of ingredients before you use up all your attempts and you will succeed, or this seasoning-making attempt shall be considered a failure.

Once you are done making seasonings, you will be given an option to choose 3 different seasonings that you will use to cook.

After you obtain Delicious Dishes, you can teleport to Serenitea Pot and give some of your dishes to the NPCs to taste the dishes you made. Each character has a certain preference when it comes to fragrance, and you have to be mindful of who you give the dish.