Soulstone Survivors: Indepth Skill Tree Guide

August 31, 2022
Learn everything about the Skill Tree in Soulstone Survivors!

Soulstone Survivors is an action rogue-lite adventure game where you need to fight against endless minions to collect their soulstones and become a god. During your journey, you can unleash secret spells, craft weapons, and unlock multiple characters to capture the power of the void.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about skills in the game.

Indepth Skill Tree Guide in Soulstone Survivors

The best part about the skill tree is that all the skills that you unlock or purchase are automatically applied to all the characters in the game.

So whether you like to play as Pyromancer or the Hound Master, all of your characters would benefit from your skills.

There are three sections available in the skill tree: offence (red), defence (blue) and mobility (green).

Below are all the skills that you will find in the red skill tree:

1. Increase damage multiplier by 0.25x

2. Recover 2 health points every time you level up

3. Increase the number of dashes that you can perform by 1

4. Increase the area multiplier by 0.04x

5. Allows you to banish a power-up, blocking it from appearance during the match. Charges per match:1

6. Increases the critical damage chance of all attacks by 2%

7. Increases the critical damage multiplier by 0.0.5x

If you want raw strength or more offensive power then it’s highly recommended that you upgrade the 2 critical damage skills

Below are all the skills that you will find in the blue skill tree:

1. Increase maximum health by 50

2. Increase all health received from health crystals by 10

3. Any attack that would kill you restores your health to 50% instead. Charges per match: 1

4. Increase armour power by 12

5. Increase block power by 2

6. Reduces all damage taken by 1

Below are all the skills that you will find in the green skill tree:

1. Increase movement speed multiplier by 0.15x

2. Increase attack speed multiplier by 0.10x

3. Increase your pick-up range multiplier by 2.00x

4. Increase the number of Minor soulstones that you earn by 10%

5. Increase experience multiplier by 0.05x

6. Gives you a chance to get new skills when you level up. Charges per match: 1

You can always choose to reset your skills at any point in time and all the soulstones will be refunded including the corrupted as well as vital soulstones so you can start from scratch.

The good part about the skill tree system is that it depends on the type of player you are. If you are someone who prefers to go on the offensive then you can invest in the blue skills.

On the other hand, if you prefer dealing more damage and more brute force then the red skills might be your best bet.

Last but not least is the green skill section which will allow you to farm items such as minor soulstones more easily.

That’s it, now go ahead and invest some skills to improve your character!