Soulstone Survivors: How To Upgrade Your Skill Tree

August 31, 2022
Time to upgrade your skills in Soulstone Survivors!

Soulstone Survivors is an action rogue-lite adventure game where you need to fight against endless minions to collect their soulstones and become a god. During your journey, you can unleash secret spells, craft weapons, and unlock multiple characters to capture the power of the void.

This guide will tell you how to upgrade your skills in the game!

How To Upgrade Your Skill Tree in Soulsstone Survivors

The Skill tree is applicable to all characters meaning that irrespective of whether you choose the Hound Master or the  Barbarian or the Pyromancer, all of your skills will be applied automatically.

Any skills that you upgrade in the skill tree will be applied to the character that you are currently using. There are 3 parts to the skill tree: Red, Blue and Green.

The red ones are mostly offensive skills that will help you gain an advantage during combat while the blue ones are more geared toward defence and health.

Last but not least are the green ones which are more focused on utility such as the movement and attack speed of your character.

Some of the skills will allow you to collect more items such as Minor Soulstones by increasing the collected amount by 50%

Ideally you should focus on first maxing out the blue skills to increase your defensive capabilities and health.

The offensive skills aren’t much useful as you will get much better buffs and damage capabilities when you level up by acquiring active and passive skills.

That’s everything you need to know about the skill tree in the game!