Soulstone Survivors: How To Stop GPU Overheating

November 8, 2022
Fight the hordes of undead in Soulstone Survivors!

Soulstone Survivors is an action roguelite where players have to choose a class to face down the Lords of the Void. Players can unveil secret spells, have a blacksmith equip them with mighty weapons and choose from a variety of playable characters.

At times the game overwhelms the player with a sea of enemies, and with that it also overwhelms the players’ PC. Down below are some optimizations to help prevent the game from overheating your GPU.

How To Stop GPU Overheating – Soulstone Survivors

To stop your GPU from overheating, you will need to prioritize performance over graphics. You can do this by adjusting certain parameters in your gameplay settings.

Press the Escape key and go into your settings.  In the “General” portion of your settings you can:

  • Turn off enemy health bars
  • Turn off Elite enemy health bars
  • Disable damage numbers

These settings will declutter your screen and decrease the amount of visual elements that the game and your computer has to generate.

You can also go in the “Graphics” tab and adjust the following:

  • Lower the Screen Resolution
  • Set the Quality to Very Low
  • Set the Special Effects Visibility to 0.

Turning off these settings will decrease the stress put on your system and allow for better performance.

Now no matter how many enemies the game throws at you, they are not as intensive to generate and visualize as before.