Soulstone Survivors: Endless Mode Guide

Soulstone Survivors is an action roguelite where players have to choose a class to face down the Lords of the Void. Players can unveil secret spells, have a blacksmith equip them with mighty weapons and choose from a variety of playable characters.

If players want to test their limits then they can take on the games’ Endless mode. Players create the craziest builds and see how long they will last. Check the guide below for some tips in Endless Mode.

Endless Mode Guide – Soulstone Survivors

Be Mobile

Always be in motion. Standing still ensures enemies will get a clean hit on you. Spiders may even land webs on you if you’re not careful and it will go downhill into the game over screen from there.

There are also upgrades that you can get in the Skill Tree that allows you to get more dashes. This will greatly help you get away from fast enemies or avoid their area of effect skills.

Upgrade Your Skill Tree

Take some time to invest and upgrade in your Skill Tree.

There are many useful nodes that provide you with invaluable sustain during your endless run such as gaining health when leveling up and increasing the health regenerated by Health Crystals.

Visit the Blacksmith

The Blacksmith can provide your characters with better alternative weapons if you have the materials for it.

These weapons can sometimes change up the gameplay of certain characters and make them more lethal, more tanky and likelier to survive in battle.

Decrease Screen Clutter

Once you have a build going for you and you are disintegrating swarms of enemies with ease, your screen might end up filled with numbers and health bars and make it hard to navigate the game. If you’re unlucky enough, this may lead to enemies landing some hits on you and put you in a tight spot.

To avoid this, you can go to your settings and disable parameters such as damage numbers, weapon effects or enemy health bars for improved gameplay visibility.