Sons Of The Forest: Track Suit Location – Where To Find

February 28, 2023
Learn where to find the Tracksuit outfit in Sons of the Forest!

Customising your character’s appearance is a crucial element of games these days. Despite being a survivor horror title, Sons of Forest offers plenty of outfits and other cosmetic items to help your character stand apart. One such outfit is the Tracksuit which can be found early in the game.

This guide will tell you where to find the Track Suit in Sons of the Forest.

Track Suit Location – Where To Find

In order to find the Track Suit, you will need to head over to the secret facility at the above location on the map. Do note that you will need the Maintenance key card to access some of the locked doors and grab the Track Suit.

Enter the cave and then go straight through the dark and gloomy path until you come across the computer room. Turn left and then go straight until you arrive at the crossroads where you need to turn right and use the Maintenance key to unlock the door.

It will take you to the Gym room where you need to turn left near the purple walls. Go to the area where the equipment is installed and you will be able to grab the Track Suit lying near the pull-up bar.

This colourful outfit with an 80s rainbow shade can be worn by Virginia Puffton.

You can gift it to her by increasing your affinity levels to befriend her and gift items to her. She can be a really useful companion because of her ability to engage in combat with hostiles and also wielding dual weapons at the same time.

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