Sons Of The Forest: Chainsaw Location | Where To Find

February 28, 2023
Enemies beware, the Chainsaw man is here!

Sons of the Forest offers plenty of unique weapons to help you better defend yourself and the Chainsaw is no exception. This melee weapon can be used to cut down trees as well as slaughter any enemies in your way.

This guide will tell you where to find the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest.

Chainsaw Location | Where To Find

In order to find the Chainsaw, you will need to head over to this cave highlighted by a green blip on the western side of the island.

Enter the cave and traverse through the dark and narrow path until you reach the end of the corridor. Head into the room with the 3D Printer and you will find the Maintenance key lying next to the laptop. Make sure to also grab the VIP Keycard by turning right into the sleeping area.

Exit the room and head into the corridor on your right. Turn right at the end of this long and empty corridor to use the Maintenance key and unlock the door.

Go straight towards the purple screen and then turn left to enter the area with orange-coloured walls. Proceed further through the door and then go up the spiralling staircase near the lobby.

Head past the swimming pool area and you will soon find a locked door on your right.Use the VIP keycard to access the door. Be careful as there are plenty of cannibals roaming in this corridor as you head past the dead bodies lying on the floor.

Go down the staircase and you will enter the Pub area where you need to head straight and then enter the theatre room via the doors on the left. Here you will find the chainsaw inside a corpse lying on the bean bag.

You can now also craft the chainsaw since you now have the blueprint however it will require 1 chainsaw as well as 1 battery to craft it. Using the chainsaw does not consume stamina since it uses fuel which can be found in various parts of the island.

Apart from being a decent weapon, the primary use of the chainsaw is to chop down multiple trees faster. This can be useful if you are looking to build complex structures that require plenty of wood.

Since the chainsaw can reduce your movement speed, it is not an effective melee weapon choice but still has a good range if you wish to use it and can be helpful for stunning enemies.

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