Sons Of The Forest: All 6 Armor Locations

February 28, 2023
Check out this guide to obtain all the six armors in Sons of the Forest!

Defending yourself against dangerous cannibals on a remote island is a pretty tough job and having high-quality armor can help you reduce the amount of damage that you take. There are a total of six armors that you can equip in Sons of the Forest and these can be found in different places around the map.

This guide will tell you where to find all six armours in Sons of the Forest.

All 6 Armor Locations

There are a total of six armors that you can find in the game and these include the following:

  • Creepy Armor
  • Bone Armor
  • Leaf Armor
  • Hide Armor
  • Tech Armor
  • Golden Armor

The first is the Creepy armor which is one of the basic armor that will help you get started. While it doesn’t rank high on the list due to its low level of protection, it can be easily found in caves across the island. You just need to skin some zombies in the cave and the armour will be all yours.

Next is the Bone Armor which is one step above the Creepy armor and provides decent protection against mutants. But the catch is that you need to craft it using 4 Bones,1 Rope and 1 Duct Tape.

The Bones can be obtained by slashing cannibals and then setting their bodies on fire. While you can get the Rope and the Duct Tape by searching abandoned camps, crash sites and cave entrances.

The third one is the Leaf Armor which as the name suggests is made out of leaves. This makes it one of the easiest armour to craft but unfortunately, it is also one of the weakest armours in the game.

In order to craft it, you will need 10 leaves and 1 cloth which can be easily obtained by exploring your surroundings.

Next up is the Hide Armor which is a bit difficult to craft as finding the required materials can take up quite some time.

It offers the same level of protection as the Bone Armor and you will need 2 Animal Hides and 1 Cloth to create it.

Clothes can be often found lying in the environment whereas Animal Hides can be acquired by hunting species such as Mice or Deer.

The fifth one is Tech Armor which is probably the second-best armor that offers exceptional damage protection. In order to craft this armour, you will need 1 Tech Mesh,1 Wire, 1 Circuit Board, 1 Duct Tape and 1 Battery.

While the majority of the items required can be found easily, some such as the 3D Printer and the Mesh will take some time and dedication.

You will find the 3D Printer next to the laptop in the secret facility and in the same area, you will find the resin required to create the Tech Mesh. After you get your hands on all the items mentioned, you will be able to craft the Tech Armor

Last but definitely not least is the Golden Armor which provides top-notch protection against all sorts of enemies. However, this armour is extremely rare since there is only a single quantity available.

It can be extremely helpful towards the end stages as you inch closer towards completion and you will find this armour at the Bunker cave marked on the map above.Do note that you will need a Maintenance key card to enter the bunker and access the cave.

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