Sons Of Forest: Wetsuit Location

February 25, 2023
Head over to this location to find the Wetsuit in Sons of the Forest!

Sons of the Forest offers player plenty of mechanics and tools to help them survive on a dangerous island filled with cannibals. One such tool is the Wetsuit which will allow you to dive deeper and stay underwater for an extended period of time.

This guide will tell you where to find the Wetsuit in Sons of the Forest.

Wetsuit Location

Before you head off in the search of the Wetsuit, you will need a few items which include the Flashlight, Zipline Gun and Rebreather. Once you have the required items, head over to the cave shown above.

Use your spear to destroy the barricade blocking access to the cave and then hold E to enter inside. Equip the torch from your inventory and soon you will come across a small pit that you need to cross.

Take the help of your Rope gun to latch onto the hanging wire above and bypass the pit below. Next, you will need to dive deep into the water by wearing the Rebreather and making your way through the intricate depth of the cave’s water.

Soon, you will emerge from the water towards the other end of the cave, proceed further and you will find a Wetsuit and the Tank lying near the rocks on your right.

You can then decide to go further inside the cave where you will come across camps with lights and one of them has a corpse containing a Flashlight attachment.

That’s it, now go ahead and enter this cave to find the Wetsuit!

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