Sons of Forest: Rebreather Location

February 26, 2023
Time to see where you can locate the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest is an amazing survival game where you get to start from scratch and work your way up to becoming the greatest survivors out there. In this game, you can explore the forest and obtain various different tools that have been forgotten or stranded by different survivors who didn’t make it.

It’s up to you to find these tools and make sure that things will go smoothly for you.

This guide will show you where you can locate the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest

Rebreather Location

The Rebreather is a very useful tool that will allow you to breathe underwater for a longer period of time. Sons of the Forest is filled with different caves in which you can go underwater and end up in different areas which are filled with loot and rewards.

To get the Rebreather, you will need to go inside a cave. This cave is located north from the snowy mountains, just next to a beach.

Once you spot the cave, you will see it being blocked with a few wooden planks. Use any tool or a pike to break the wooden planks and make your way inside the cave.

Inside the cave, you will find quite a few briefcases which have some great weapons and tools that can help you survive even better.

Continue going forward and follow the path inside the cave. Eventually, you will reach an area filled with a bunch of water puddles.

Past that area, you will find a bunch of life vests that are floating on the water, after that part, there is going to be a tight passage that will lead you into an open room with a shark inside the water.

Alongside the shark, on shore, you will find a backpack which is actually the Rebreather.

And just like that, you now have the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest. Get out of the area by distracting the shark with some sort of bloody food and swim your way out.

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