Sons Of Forest: How To Sleep

February 25, 2023
Replenish your energy levels by taking a power nap!

Taking some rest after a long day of work is just as important in video games as it is in real life. Getting some sleep in Sons of Forest will allow your character to replenish the stamina levels while also allowing you to change the time cycle in the game.

This guide will tell you how to sleep in Sons of Forest.

How To Sleep

Since it is primarily a survival horror title, there are no clear instructions or tutorials that tell you about the basic mechanics of the game.

Taking inspiration from real life, your character will eventually get tired, hungry and even thirsty meaning that you will need to take care of these aspects.

This means that if don’t pay enough attention then your character will start feeling drowsy and won’t be able to perform activities throughout the day.

In order to sleep in the game, you will need to head over to the nearest shelter since it can be pretty dangerous to take a nap on an island infested with cannibals.

You will need to build your own shelter and even creating the most basic shelter requires a few items such as a tarp and some sticks. The tarp can be found near the Helicopter crash site whereas sticks are pretty common and can be obtained by chopping down trees.

Once you gathered the required materials, you will be able to create a small tent using the tarp and the sticks. This will allow your character to sleep by holding the Z button near the shelter. you can also save your progress by holding the E button near the shelter.

Do note that that time will also change from day to night when your character decides to take a nap in the shelter. It will also replenish stamina and remove any signs of fatigue or exhaustion from your character.

Make sure that there are no enemies in the area otherwise you won’t be able to sleep. This can be ensured by eliminating any possible threats or creating a safe zone with the help of wooden barricades.

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