Sons Of Forest: How To Enable Big Head Mode

February 25, 2023
Turn your friends into a bobblehead by enabling this option!

Sons of the Forest is a survival horror title but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have a little bit of fun. Game developers often like to add hilarious toggles and easter eggs that players can enable to have some goofy moments with their friends. The game includes a big head mode which as the name suggests enlarges the face of your character like a bobblehead.

This guide will tell you how to enable the big head mode in Sons of the Forest.

How To Enable Big Head Mode

There are no cheats or secret commands that you need to enter or enable using a third-party tool as the developers have made the big head mode accessible for everyone.

In order to find this option, open the menu by pressing Esc and access the options screen from there. Next, navigate to the gameplay tab and you will find the Big Head Mode at the bottom of the list.

Turn the toggle to ON and then press the Apply button to save the changes that you have made. This setting can be enabled from the main menu as well as the Esc menu of the game.

After enabling the setting, all the living creatures will have enlarged heads including Kelvin and the dangerous cannibals that try to attack you. This results in a goofy effect which can be either hilarious or disturbing depending on how you decide to view it.

You even gain a small tactical advantage as enemies can be easily spotted from a distance.

Even animals such as deer and birds are also affected by this toggle which might scare any potential pet lover in your lobby.

You can choose to disable the option at any point in time by heading back into the Gameplay

options and setting the toggle to OFF. Make sure to press Apply otherwise your changes won’t be saved.

Do note that the effect is a bit buggy and some players have reported that the game sometimes enlarges some of the heads even the toggle is turned off.

That’s it, now go ahead and enable this option to create some meme-worthy moments with your friends!

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