Sons Of Forest: 3D Printer Location

February 26, 2023
Get your hands on some unique items with the 3D Printer!

Just like in real life, getting your hands on a 3D Printer in Sons of Forest will allow you to craft some unique items to help you survive in the wild. You will be able to create things like a water flask, arrows or a grappling hook to climb the challenging terrains on the island.

This guide will tell you where to find the 3D Printer in the game.

3D Printer Location

In order to find the 3D Printer, you will need to head over to the southern part of the island where you will come across a cave close to the helicopter crash site. It is to locate as the game highlights it with a flickering green circle on the map.

Once you reach there, enter the cave and use your lighter to navigate through the dark parts of the cave. Go straight through the corridor and you will find the 3D Printer lying on the table next to the computer in the room in front of you.

This cool 3D Printer will help you craft exclusive stuff like Arrows, Water Flask, Grappling Hook and even a Mask to disguise yourself. Do note that the printer will require its special ink to function and each item will consume a specific amount of ink as well as take a few seconds before it is fully crafted.

Here are all the items that you can make with this 3D Printer

  • Arrows: 50ml Resin (15 seconds)
  • Flask: 100ml resin (15 seconds)
  • Mask: 150ml Resin (15 seconds)
  • Grappling Hook: 250ml Resin (15 seconds)
  • Tech Mesh: 250ml Resin (10 seconds)
  • Sled: 1000ml Resin (20 seconds)

There are also other valuable items that you can loot inside the room as well as Resin that will help you fulfil your 3D Printing needs. You will also find some Carbon Fiber arrows in the rooms as well as a bed to sleep which makes it the ideal base for your operations.

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