Sonic Speed Simulator: How to Unlock Aviator Tails & Tornado

July 28, 2022
Time to unlock the Aviator tails skin and Tornado in Sonic Speed Simulator!

The Sonic Speed Simulator in Roblox allows players to travel at high speed through different locations by playing as Sonic.

This guide will tell you how to unlock Aviator Tails and Tornado in the game.

Sonic Speed Simulator: How to Unlock Aviator Tails & Tornado

As a part of the Tornado Assault event in the game where Eggman has invaded the Green Hills with an army of Buzz Bombers, players receive various rewards for participating in the event.

The grand prize in the event is the Aviator Tails Skin and the ultra prize is the Tornado plane.

You can access the event from the main spawn area and you will need to fly the Tornado plane and destroy other Buzz Bombers during the event.

Your aim should be to shoot down as many buzz bombers as possible while flying through the purple rings to get a high score.

For unlocking Aviator Tails, you will need to score 1,00,000 Points whereas you will need 2,50,000 Points for the Tornado plane.

Unfortunately, it might take some time for you to unlock both of these items as the event can be very grinding.

That’s it, now go ahead and participate in the event to unlock these new skins!