Sonic Frontiers: How To Beat Giganto

November 8, 2022
Here you can learn How To Beat Giganto in Sonic Frontiers!

Giganto is one of the toughest first bosses that you will fight against in Sonic Frontiers.

Players are required to collect seven Chaos Emeralds in order to fight this boss.

To beat Giganto, you will need a lot of strength that will bring down this giant monster.

This guide will show you How to Beat Giganto in Sonic Frontiers!

How To Beat Giganto – Sonic Frontiers

The best way that will help you beat Giganto easier is by gathering as many as possible rings, and build the Super Sonic form against the boss.

You can collect all the rings by riding the rails, and jumping on platforms. Also. you can trace the ground with the Cyloop ability.

Make sure to climb on Giganto’s limbs and reach the top of its head. Use the blue halos in order to speed up the ascent.

Become Super Sonic and use all the power to bring him down by parrying attacks.