Sonic Frontiers: A Grave Mystery Guide

November 8, 2022
Check out to see how you can complete the “A Grave Mystery” quest in Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers is a great game that features sonic the hedgehog, in this game, you will complete various missions, and quests and even try to solve puzzles. You will also be able to obtain collectibles that can fill your achievement book through all the maps given for each player.

This guide will show you how you can complete the “A Grave Mystery” quest in Sonic Frontiers.

A Grave Mystery Guide

To start off, you need to head over to one of the dark pillars and begin to turn them.

Start by interacting with the first pillar on the left side and move it to the upper pillar until you see a few more pillars get lid up.

Once all of the pillars have been lid up, move your controller to the right pillar (located on the east side) and try to move it to the bottom left pillar until you light up the south side of the pillars.

The next step that you need to do is to start controlling the top middle pillar and begin moving it. Move that pillar to the bottom left pillar and align the light there, you will notice that almost the whole right side is now lid up and connected.

The next pillar that needs to be moved is the bottom one, move it until you have it connected to the pillar below it and connect the light all the way up to where you previously moved the first pillar.

Head over to the left pillar that was previously lid up and move it towards the upper pillar until you make this shape in the area.

One last step remaining! Head over to the pillar on the very right side of the area and move it towards the bottom left pillar. Once that is complete, you will notice that all of the pillars are connected and the stage is going to be completed.

And just like that by following these steps, controlling each pillar one by one and getting the correct lines, you will successfully complete the “A Grave Mystery” challenge!