Sniper Elite 5: All Spy Academy Collectibles

Published: 27 May 2022
Let’s find All Spy Academy Collectibles in Sniper Elite 5!

Sniper Elite 5 is a third-person tactical shooter game developed by Rebellion Developments. The game has many missions with their characteristic story and to make it even more interesting there are a lot of hidden collectibles such as Personal Letters, Classified Documents, Hidden Items, Stones Eagles, and workbenches. Spy Academy is the third mission in Sniper Elite 5 filled with many collectibles, but they could be all easily found by following our guide.

In this guide, we will show you All Spy Academy Collectibles in Sniper Elite 5!

Sniper Elite 5: All Spy Academy Collectibles

Personal Letters

  1. Parking Problems – this letter is located on top of a trash can next to the benches where the tower is overlooking the sea.
  • Fragile, Do Not Break – this letter is located in one of the Nazi checkpoints, at the beginning of the mission. Before you come to the beach and the bridge entering the main area, you will see the letter on top of the steel box.
  • Rifle Workbench – this letter can be found by the officer inside the base waiting in the car. First, you have to kill him and run fast near him to collect the letter.
  • It’s Easy Money – this letter can be found at the eastern edges of the island by the sniper nest. Follow the stairs into the tower and you will find the letter sitting on the wooden table.
  • Just Attend One – To find this letter you have to find Matthaus Bruhl, the officer patrolling around the church on the eastern side of the main island. Kill him and loot his body to collect the letter.

Classified Documents

  1. Priority Package – this document is located on the main road that leads around the main cluster of buildings. Follow the road from the west side and you will come to the edge of the building with an open green frame window. Jump in the room to find the document sitting on the desk.
  • Won’t Be Attending – to find this document you have to infiltrate the base where the Operation Kraken meeting is taking place, after the bridge to the main island where you can get closer. Inside a small room with blue walls, you will find the document on a wooden table.
  • Training Scenarios – to find this document you have to go to the north side of the island where is a small building overlooking the sea. Go inside and follow the stairs to get into a room with a colorful glass window.
  • Resource Request – this is located in the church on the eastern side of the map. Take the wooden stairs in the Nazi sniper nest, and on the table, at the corner of the room, you will find the document.
  • Armoury Exposed – This is located in the same room with blue walls where you found “Won’t Be Attending”. The document is sitting on top of the bench at the left side of the room.

Hidden Items

  1. Kriegsmarine Playing Cards – this is located on the western side of the island, inside the pub. Enter the pub and you will see the item sitting on the table.
  • Ornate Compass – This is located in the same building where you found “Training Scenarios” in the northern part of the island. It is hidden in the safe. To open it you will need the safe code or Satchel Charges to open it.
  • Covert Ops Field Manual – This is located in the building on the north side of the island where Nazis train for Operation Kraken. You have to enter inside the building and in the central big dining room, you will find the item on top of the table.

Stone Eagles

  1. Stone Eagle – Go to the beach on the western side, and look at the building on the southwest of the island.
  • Stone Eagle – From the sniper nest where you found “It’s Easy Money”, take your look to the west at the top of the small turret on the right from the main building. It will be on the sitting on a ledge on the turret.
  • Stone Eagle – is located in the most northern part of the map, at the top pf the sunken tower in the sea.


  1. Rifle Workbench – to find this workbench you have to infiltrate the Nazi Training Camp. On the backside of the camp, there are plants on the wall that you can use to climb up to the room.
  • SMG Workbench – From the square, head under the archway beyond the statue on the eastern side where you will find a door marked with the resistance symbol. Inside the room it is located under the flag.
  • Pistol Workbench – You have to infiltrate the armoury in the south side, located centrally in the map. Open the locked door and it will be in the room in front oy you.