Slumber Spirit’s Bridge Quest Guide: Genshin Impact

April 9, 2022
The Slumber Spirit’s Bridge awaits!

The Slumber Spirit’s Bridge is a stage in the amazing Theater in Ritou. This is an arena that will give you the opportunity to select what power-up you want to select and use different machines to destroy waves of monsters who are coming to destroy your portal. Your job is to defeat all the monsters before the timer runs out and collect a significant amount of points.

This guide will show you how to complete the Slumber Spirit’s Bridge quest in Genshin Impact!

Slumber Spirit’s Bridge Quest Guide: Genshin Impact

Your quest will be located in the Slumber Spirit’s Bridge in your adventure log. There you will find challenges to beat 1500, 2500 points, and 2500 points in Enter the Horde.

To begin the Theater, you must go to Komakata, which is the Theater Mechanicus Representative. Speak with her and ask her to participate in the Theater.

Once you speak with her and accept the Theater stage challenge, a window will open up and show you all 4 stages of the Theater:

  • Whither the Wind Wends
  • Slumber Spirit’s Bridge
  • Autumnal Resplendence
  • Springtide Advent

All these 4 stages have their own unique map and monsters to defeat. Once you select the Slumber Spirit’s Bridge, you will see all the machines that you can use for the wave fights and the stage features.

This stage will feature the following:

  • Stage contains elite opponents who will regenerate HP while frozen.

Once you press on the “Start Wave” option, you will be given a window with two types of sticks that can aid you in battle:

  • Fortune Stick
  • Mystic Stick

These sticks are selectable and equipable. Each stick costs points, you have 120 total points and you can divide them into different sticks depending on how you like to play.

Once you’ve selected all the sticks that will fit you for battle, you will need to select the perfect combination of your top 4 characters.

When you finally set up your playstyle, you will enter the arena where you will start the planning phase.

The planning phase is where you will be given free time to make a strategy by where you want to place your machines and how the fights will go.

Setting up a machine costs construction points. You can set up to 14 machines, depending on how many construction points you use.

These machines are the most important part of the playstyle. Make sure to take your time and plan out every single move.

When the plan has been made, and the machines placed, press “P” and the waves will start coming. You will see purple portals on the opposite side of your blue portal.

From these purple portals, monsters will begin to come and rush towards the blue portal. Your job is to kill them.

You can earn extra points by killing opponents in interesting and unique ways, such as disabling bridges and making them fall to their deaths.

On the left side of the screen, you will see a monster icon with the number going down as you kill monsters. That is your kill counter. Defeat all the remaining monsters to win the wave.

As that number goes down, stronger and faster enemies will show up in the arena and try to defeat you.

On these enemies, you can use special tricks and instantly kill them. Try disabling a bridge when they are on top of it. That will give you a ton of points and kill them quickly.

When you have killed all the monsters, you will receive a message on your screen saying “End of Stage”, and the Stage Score that you have created.

If you managed to make the points that are required for the quest, simply exit the stage and open your quest log where you can claim your rewards.