Slime Rancher 2: Tips And Tricks For New Player Guide

September 23, 2022
Check out these beginner tips and tricks if you are new to Slime Rancher 2!

Slim Rancher 2 is a first-person action-adventure game that puts you in the role of Beatrix LeBeau as she explores the new Rainbow Island to create her own ranch and raise new slimes. You will need to collect those cute little slimes and take care of them to earn more money and upgrade the equipment in your ranch.

This guide will tell you about the best tips and tricks if you are new to the game.

Tips And Tricks For New Player Guide – Slime Rancher 2

1. Find Map Data Points

As you explore the mysterious Rainbow Island, you will need to spend some time finding these data points on the island.

Activating these map data points will uncover the hidden parts of your map allowing you to explore new points of interest on the map that you can access anytime during your adventures.

2. Use Wild Slimes to earn money early in the game

As you explore the islands, you will come across wild slimes roaming outside and you can collect them to create a plot farm at the beginning of the game.

Catching those slimes and feeding those slimes in your base will generate plorts which can be sold at the Plort Market to earn some quick money.

3. First things to build on your Ranch

When you are trying to expand your Ranch make sure that you build atleast 1 Corral and 1 Farm.

This will allow you to get some extra income with a plot farm and a resource farm that will help you grow resources.

4. Build High Walls on your Farm

When building your Corral, make sure that you have enough money to build high walls. Some of those bouncy slimes can be mischievous and may try to escape over the low walls so you will need to build high walls.

In case they succeed, they will head over to your farm or chicken coop and do note that some slimes will require an Air Net to keep them in their corrals.

5. Watch out for Tar Slimes

While exploring the island, you need to be careful in areas that spawn 3 types of slimes and this is because if a slime eats a different species of Plort then they will merge to become a mix of the two.

This is called a Largo Slime and if the Largo Slime eats a third type of plort that doesn’t belong to the original two, it will then transform into a Tar Slime. It can be dangerous as Tar Slimes will then start eating and converting the other slimes which will attack you on sight.

If you are struggling to deal with those Tar Slimes then you can open the settings to disable them and make the game a bit easier.

That’s it, these are all the beginners tips and tricks to get started with the game!