Slime Rancher 2: Ember Valley Guide

September 24, 2022
Time to explore the Ember Valley in Slime Rancher 2!

Slim Rancher 2 is a first-person action-adventure game that puts you in the role of Beatrix LeBeau as she explores the new Rainbow Island to create her own ranch and raise new slimes. You will need to collect those cute little slimes and take care of them to earn more money and upgrade the equipment in your ranch.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Ember Valley.

Ember Valley Guide – Slime Rancher 2

The Ember Valley is one of the other islands that you unlock in the game and the portal to access it can be found north of Conservatory in the Rainbow Fields.

In order to unlock this portal, you will need to defeat the Pink Gordo Slime by popping him.

You will need to feed him 32 food of any type- veggies, meat or fruits to get him to burst.

Once you defeat him, it will reveal a water geyser underneath that will take you to the ledge above where you can activate the teleporter.

Now go ahead and activate it to reveal the rainbow teleporter that will allow you to travel to Ember Valley.

Make sure you have the Resource Harvester upgrade unlocked before heading into Ember Valley as it will allow you to collect new resources in the region.

It can be obtained from the Fabricator for 450 Newbucks and 10 Cotton Plorts.

Once you reach Ember Valley, you will come across regular slimes that you have already encountered such as the Pink Slimes, Phosphor Slimes and Rock Slimes. You will also find the new Angler Slimes which consume meat as their food.

The new resources that you can find here are Radiant Ores, Silky Sands and the Diamond Stones. You can use the water fountains to reach the higher places so make sure to check caves as well.

Last but not least is the Primordy Oil that you will find nestled inside the actual cliffs and the Ringtail Largo slimes which turn themselves into stone during the day.

That’s everything you need to know about the Ember Valley in the game!