Six Days In Fallujah: Weapons List

June 26, 2023
Check out this complete list of weapons in Six Days of Fallujah!

Six Days in Fallujah is a tactical first-person shooter based on the true stories of Marines, Soldiers and Iraqi citizens during the Second Battle of Fallujah. Being a highly realistic combat simulator, it is only possible to survive in the game with access to a good selection of weapons.

This guide will tell you about the complete list of weapons available in the game.

Weapons List

Various types of firearms available in the game will help you fight against enemies during the Second Battle of Fallujah that took place during the Iraq War. Most of these weapons are based on real-life firearms used by military forces worldwide. Below is the list of all the weapons available in the game:

1. Sidearms

These are the most basic weapons equipped in the secondary slot and can be used when you run out of ammo on your primary or don’t have enough to reload it. These include pistols such as Berettas and Colt M1911 which are lightweight and can deal decent damage in close range.

2. Light Machine Guns

These heavy weapons can carry plenty of rounds and are quite powerful at dealing damage in the medium range like M429 LMG. However, they produce a lot of noise and a lot of recoil due to their massive weight. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that the reload time is much higher in comparison to other weapons although you won’t need to worry about frequently refilling your ammo.

3. Assault Rifle

Being a tactical shooter, the game features popular Assault Rifles like M16A4s and AK-47s to annihilate your enemies. These firearms are best for shooting enemies at medium range and have a good balance between accuracy and recoil. The only potential downside is that the ammunition might get depleted if you are not careful enough

4. Grenade Launchers

If you love shelling out enemies with grenades then the M203 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher or the RPG-7 might be your best friends. These firearms can be used to destroy enemies hiding behind cover lines or take out any vehicles or helicopter reinforcements en route.

5. Sniper Rifles

The Dragunov Designated Marksman Rifle is the one that you need to pick if you want a weapon that excels at long range. When placed in the hands of a skilled shooter, this powerful sniper can easily kill enemies with precision from obscure locations such as rooftops and windows.

6. Shotguns

To deal with enemies in close-range scenarios, you have the M4 Shotgun at your disposal. These limited ammunition weapons can be really powerful during close combat encounters allowing you to blow the head off your enemies. The only con is that you have limited ammo and it can take a while for the weapon to reload.

That’s it, these are all the weapons currently available in the game!