Sims 4: How To Fill out Reports

October 24, 2022
Learn how to fill out reports and quickly climb the corporate ladder!

The option to fill out reports in the Sims 4 is one of your Daily Tasks shown on the Career tab assuming that you have chosen the Business-focused career path. While filling out reports in the game is thankfully not as mundane as doing it in the real life, the game also does not tell you how or where you can do said task.

Lucky for you! We are here to help you with just that. Follow this guide and you’d easily find yourself climbing the corporate ladder in no time! Here is how you fill out reports in the Sims 4.

How To Fill out Reports

First things first, to have the option to fill out reports, your sims must have a computer on their home or a laptop at the very least.

To fill out a report, simply interact with the computer you have at home and select ‘More Choices,’ ‘Web,’ then ‘Fill out reports.’

You’ll see this option highlighted with a small briefcase icon, indicating that this step is important to sims that are currently on the business-focused career path.

After choosing the right option, your sim should start focusing on the task. All you need to do now is to wait for your sim to end the day’s report. It does not take that much time, to be honest.

You can check if you have already completed the report on a given day by going to the Career tab of your sim and then checking the status of their Daily Task.

Always completing your ‘fill out reports’ daily task significantly improves your sim’s job performance. Over time, this will lead to higher wages, promotions, and even bonuses.