Shop Titans: Leveling Guide 1-50

Published: 3 Jun 2022
Check out this guide to see how you can level up to level 50 in Shop Titans.

Shop Titans is an RPG that will require you to build a ton of shops within your kingdom. In this game, there are heroes that will help you fight monsters which will grant you materials for your shop that you can sell, level up, and earn more money. All of these heroes are unlockable in the game as you level up.

This guide will show you how to level up to level 50 in Shop Titans.

Shop Titans: Leveling Guide 1-50

Once you begin this game, leveling up from level 1 to level 15 will start to unlock almost all of your shops and unlock new workers.

The main way of obtaining a good amount of experience for levels is by opening up the market and listing low-level items that you can craft. High-tier players are purchasing these items fast because they already have gold.

Craft as many items as possible and try to speed up your crafting overall. That will allow you to craft items which are needed more from different characters.

Try to speed up crafting items by spending your energy. You want to get out of tier one as quickly as possible. Once you are out of there, selling items, obtaining gold and EXP will go much quicker.

You can maximize your energy by doing a lot of small talk with customers that come. If you win the small talk, you will earn 10% of the current energy you have, and if you don’t, you simply lose energy. To do a small talk, press on a customer and press the “Small Talk” button.

As you level up and get even higher and higher in levels, you want to expand your area by adding more shops, and bins, and leveling each shop to be a higher level so you are able to create higher-quality crafts.


You simply need to intensify the item selling that you do, keep expanding, grow a community that will come and purchase items for you, also try to list items as often as you can in the marketplace so that other players will buy it for you.

Don’t be afraid to spend most of your gold and energy into your build. Try to have almost every shop as high level as possible.

And that is how you will get to level 50 with being consistent in sales in Shop Titans!