Shop Titans: Heroes Guide, F2P Heroes List

Published: 3 Jun 2022
Check out the latest hero guide for Shop Titans.

Shop Titans is an RPG that will require you to build a ton of shops within your kingdom. In this game, there are heroes that you will help you fight monsters which will grant you materials for your shop that you can sell, level up, and earn more money. All of these heroes are unlockable in the game as you level up.

This guide will show you all you need to know about heroes in Shop Titans.

Shop Titans: Heroes Guide, F2P Heroes List

In this game there are a ton of heroes that will require you an amount of gold that you need to spend on them and purchase them. Here is a list of all the available heroes and their price in Shop Titans:

Red Mark

  • Soldier (Free)
  • Barbarian (10K Gold) – (Merchant Level 12)
  • Knight (50K Gold) – (Merchant Level 22)
  • Ranger (250K Gold) – (Merchant Level 32)
  • Samurai (2500K Gold) – (Merchant Level 46)
  • Berserker (5 Mil. Gold) – (Merchant Level 53)

Green Mark

  • Thief (Free)
  • Monk (10K Gold) – (Merchant Level 12)
  • Musketeer (50K Gold) – (Merchant Level 22)
  • Wanderer (250K Gold) – (Merchant Level 32)
  • Ninja (2500K Gold) – (Merchant Level 46)
  • Dancer (5 Mil. Gold) – (Merchant Level 53)

Blue Mark

  • Mage (Free)
  • Cleric (10K Gold) – (Merchant Level 12)
  • Druid (50K Gold) – (Merchant Level 22)
  • Sorcerer (250K Gold) – (Merchant Level 32)
  • Spellblade (2500K Gold) – (Merchant Level 46)
  • Geomancer (5 Mil. Gold) – (Merchant Level 53)

As you can notice from the list, the heroes are divided into three different colors. Red, Blue, and Green. The Red color represents melee damaging bruisers which are heavy units.

The green will represent light stealthy units that deal great damage and are squishy in fights.

The blue mark will represent all the range-damaging heroes, as well as support heroes which will aid you in battle.

The first 3 heroes of each class will come free. You can use them to collect gold and other materials to fill up your shops and upgrade to better heroes. The most expensive 3 heroes are the best ones that you can have.

Obtaining the Berserker, Dancer, or Geomancer will allow you to perform perfectly in each fight. Although you get these heroes at the end of the game, you can always purchase cheaper heroes and upgrade them to have better loot and deal more damage.