Shattergrave Collectibles Locations: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Published: 17 Apr 2022
Time to obtain all collectibles in Shattergrave Barrow!

There are many collectibles that can be obtained through all the maps of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Today we will go through the Shattergrave Borrow and check out all the collectible items that you can obtain for this map. The collectible items are a great asset that will help you get that sweet 100% game progress.

This guide will show you how to find all collectibles in Shattergrave Barrow in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Shattergrave Collectibles Locations: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

This is one of the early game zones, a pretty simple and straight path road that will not give you any hard time in obtaining the collectibles.

There is a total of 12 Lucky Dice that you can collect in this area.

Your journey will begin from the southern side of the map and will end at the north tip of the map.

The first lucky dice can be spotted behind the wooden house on the south side of the map. To get it you must shoot the broken wall of the house and make yourself an entrance.

The next lucky dice is located just north of the last one, you will find it pretty easily. It will be located right next to a grave.

The next Lucky Dice will be located north of the last one, you will need to hug the left side of the wall to simply find this collectible. The lucky dice will be found in a hole.

To continue finding the next lucky dice, you will need to enter the bone grove. As you pass the crypt, you will need to look on the left side of the wall.

A cliff can be seen that you need to climb onto, climb to the top of the hill and follow the red arrows marked on the image below. You will end up behind a tombstone and the lucky dice will be placed at the exact same spot.

Once you’ve climbed up to the hill for the lucky dice, turn on the east side where you will find a giant dead tree. Just behind the tree you will find the next Lucky Dice.

Continue going north on the map until you reach a ruin with purple glass. Don’t enter the ruin, instead, you want to go to the left side of the ruin and walk next to the walls. At the end of the road, you will see the next Lucky Dice.

To get the next Lucky Dice, you will need to go inside the ruin. You will see a ledge that you need to climb on the northwest side of the ruin.

Follow the circle on the map that looks like the upper level of the map. As you climb the area, continue going northwest and you will find a weapons chest. On the left of the weapons chest, you will see the next Lucky Dice.

Continue going north and follow the road from the last lucky dice, inside the construction that you will enter you will see a Lucky Dice, placed on a balcony that seems to be hard to reach.

You will need to do some parkour here in order to get the dice, simply come to the end of the corridor, turn your POV towards the lucky dice, jump on the next wooden platform, and right after that you will need to jump on the wooden box.

Making your way to the top, you will simply be able to pick up this Lucky Dice.

Continue following the circle path and walk until you make it outside. In this area, you will have two lucky dice that are close to each other.

The first lucky dice will be found on the right side of the stairs, hidden behind some barrels. Break down the barrels and obtain the lucky Dice.

The next lucky dice will be found under the staircase as you make your way forward into the bigger room.

Drop down from the staircase and look towards the wall. You will see some planks, shoot them and get your lucky dice.

The last two lucky dice will be located in the lower segment of the map. Drop down the stairs and continue forward until you start noticing a lot of traps that will kill you.

When you reach a swinging trap, on the left side of the wall, you will find an entrance to the trap and the lucky dice will be inside.

The last lucky dice will be found north of the last one. Enter the bigger arena on the map where a bunch of skeletons will appear and try to kill you.

Clear the area and look at the east side, you will find a small room that you can enter and get the last Lucky Dice.