Settlement Survival: Beginner’s Guide – How To Start

Settlement Survival is a strategy game where you start from 0 and make your way to the top until you become the greatest ruler of them all. Each beginning of these survival strategy games will require you to have some sort of a tactic in order to be successful at what you’re doing and progress well in the game.

This guide will show you everything about beginner tips and tricks and how to start a game in Settlement Survival.

Beginner’s Guide – How To Start

Where To Start

Whenever you start a brand new game in Settlement Survival, you will be given a Initial Development Location. With this location, you can position yourself anywhere on the map. You need to know exactly which area will suit you best and allow you to get the most resources.

To get the best spot, try to place yourself next to water and to some rocks. These rocks are iron and can help you a lot at the start to get high quality materials.

Before You Place Anything

Once you’ve settled down, pause the game and read out each building that comes with your development buildings. Here you must know that the Marketplace is your main build and all the houses can be only built around that area.

Select your Durable Storage Yard and make sure that you have selected the “Collect all resources in the selected area” as on. This will allow your workers to collect a ton of materials in one area and not let you worry about where the stuff is at the start.

Build a ton of houses to make sure the you accommodate your workers and more can come to help you grow your slowly so called “Village”.

Town Development is one of the more important things that you need to focus on. Here you will get “Skill Points” that you can use to buff up your settlement and become more powerfull.

At the start, you have 5 points that you can use on your skills for the town development. I highly recommend that you use the following skills for the three points. The other two remaining points can be used on whatever you want, they are:

  • Material Recycling (Construction Tab)
  • Sawmill (Construction Tab)
  • Warehouse (Logistics Tab)

Make sure to read out all of the development options and get whatever you think will help you develop your town effectively.


Resources are the main thing that a player needs to worry about in this game. Almost everything will require you resources and your workers need to be well fed in order to work. On the top left side of the screen, you will see all of the resources you currently have.

Click on each type of resource to see what variants there are for you to collect and how to obtain them.

At the beginning, you need to make sure that you have enough of the following resources:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Wood
  • Heat
  • Clothes

All of the buildings in the building menu will show you what they will provide you once placed down. Simply hover over with your mouse to see what each building will give you and place it to desire your needs.

Time Zones

Time zones in this game are a thing. You have days, months, and years. As time passes by, you will go through the time zones:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

Each time zone has its pros and cons. The biggest con out there is winter. A cold weather that can kill your workers if they don’t have enough food or heat.

The same goes with summer. Watch out for that water meter and always try to have extra water for your workers to keep them hydrated, up and running.

To survive winter you need fuel. Fuel can be used for almost anything. Try to see which building can use the river to provide some sort of power for your town. The watermill is a great way to start.


Happiness is something that your workers must have. When a worker is not happy, he will be lacking and not work to his full potential. Hover over those workers to see what they like and how you can provide for them and make them happy.

A happy worker will always be a good worker.

To increase their happiness, you can build different structures where people can go to and interact with each other.

Some of these buildings are:

  • Cemetery
  • Church
  • Clinic
  • Repair Shop
  • Builders Cabin
  • Town Hall
  • School

Place those builds down, build them and happiness will never be a problem in Settlement Survival.

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