Fix Sea Of Thieves: Services Temporarily Unavailable

Sea Of Thieves launch was bumpy to say the least. Granted, there weren’t any game breaking issues, but there were some minor inconveniences here and there. Some of them, remained and aren’t yet fixed. One of them you’ve already might’ve come across which is the “Services Temporarily Unavailable” error. There are things which can be done, to ensure that you won’t be getting it any time soon.

Services Temporarily Unavailable Fix – Sea Of Thieves

Basically, it means that the game cannot communicate with the game servers, that’s basically it. Now, usually this means that your connection is slow and/or unstable. But it can be due to other reasons as well.

Firstly, do make sure that the servers are up. Server maintenance does happen once in a while, and it means, no online play whatsoever. To check whether everything is good, go to Sea Of Thieves official website.

The other fixes are relatively common: reset your router, flush your DNS, switch to a wired connection, and other stuff which will include improvement to your overall connection.

There have been a lot of players experiencing this issue, yes, but it is well known by now that it is not an issue with the actual game itself. With that said, let’s see what you can try.

Flush Your DNS

For some reason unbeknownst to me, flushing your DNS is the most efficient way to fix this issue. Many players explain that this is the best way to deal with “Services Temporarily Unavailable”.

To flush your DNS on PC, open up the start menu and search for “command prompt”. Launch it as an administrator, and then, type in: “ipconfig/flushdns”. This should flush the DNS, and you should get a success prompt.

Reset Your Router

The second thing is resetting your router. Now, you should be careful when doing this, mainly because it might reset all of your router settings as well. Consult with the manual for the particular router in question about resetting it without resetting the settings as well.

Make sure to try Sea Of Thieves in-between these methods.

Switch To A Wired Connection

This is a no-brainer, and there is a good chance that you’ve already done this, but for those who haven’t make sure to use an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, as it is more stable and better for Sea Of Thieves, and actually multiplayer gaming in general.

If none of the three methods work, make sure you contact Sea Of Thieves support for further assistance on the issue.

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